Discussion Manager – Version: 1.40.009

May 6, 2022 | Application Updates, Discussion Manager

This new version of the Discussion Manager is considered a MAJOR UPDATE and should be upgraded to as soon as possible.



New Features:

A collapsible Details Panel now displays:

    • Motions
    • Seconds
    • Motions to Amend
    • Withdrawn Motions
    • Current Speakers
    • Cued up Requests to Speak
    • Next Agenda Item


Fixes / Updates:

    • Advanced connection messaging to better inform users about any connection issues
    • Improvements for application speed and reliability
    • Staff / Public Lectern and RTS-Only participant microphones will stay active when Chair activates them until the Chair manually deactivates them.
    • Program Version # is now displayed in Settings screen.
    • Details Panel refreshes exactly where it was in the meeting if the Discussion Manager is reopened after the user signs out or program loses connection.
    • The Current & Next Agenda Items are now correctly displayed in their proper locations (top and bottom) of the Discussion Manager Screen.
    • ​If Discussion Manager logs out or loses connection, speakers are no longer duplicated in the Discussion Manager view when logging back into the meeting. All current speakers are correctly still active.
    • ​Discussion Manager displays Pre-Discussion mode properly, after Voting on an Item and moving the next Item.
    • ​​When Multiple Speaker Mode (MSM) is selected, current speaker’s mics are not reset to OFF, they are all kept on, allowing other to openly join the conversation.
    • ​Details Panel maintains its correct display, if Discussion Manager app is unexpectedly closed, when user reopens it.
    • ​Icons on Android Version of Discussion Manager are showing properly when multiple Discussion Managers are active.
    • Added more intuitive user messaging when closing the app.
    • ​Repositioning member icons during a live meeting reflected correctly & immediately upon all Discussion Manager Devices.






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