Discussion Manager App – Introduction


The Discussion Manager App software runs on any Android, Apple, or Windows device (Phones, Tablets or PCs) and is primarily used by the Chair of the meeting to control “Request to Speak” (RTS) requests by the meeting Members. The Apps primary purpose is to help the Chair conduct orderly Member discussions during meetings, so Members speak in an orderly fashion when recognized and less out-of-turn. Multiple Discussion Manager Apps may run simultaneously IF the Chair would like help with these functions by another individual appointed to help he/she manage meeting discussions. This may be helpful when meetings may have many members.  

The App displays all the Members graphically on the screen to the user (Chair or others) by name and optionally their pictures. It also can place members in the position order they are sitting in the room as the chair actually views them.  By integrating fully with the Member Apps (used by each Member), the user will see when any or multiple Members have requested to speak AND places them in a number queue in order of their requests.  This allows the Chair to call on them to speak in the order they requested OR may choose any member out of order if the Chair sees this need. In addition to handling RTS functions, the Chair is clearly informed of Motions & Seconds made by Members as discussion progresses and can view the agenda table-of-contents to easily keep track of the progression of the meeting agenda items.

Though the Discussion Manager can be used without integration to the meeting room Audio/Visual (A/V) component technology, it is most beneficial when it is integrated with the A/V environment. The OMT integration seamlessly recognizes when the Chair recognizes a speaker to speak, automatically turns ON the recognized speaker Mic, and turns OFF all other Mics. Alternatively, integration can also be established with the rooms Cameras, so when a speaker is recognized, the camera/s will automatically zoom-in on that specific speaker and zoom out again when they are finished speaking. This is extremely helpful, enhancing the production and presentation of live-cast video meetings, as well as the replay of archived video meetings you post to your website. These integration features are planned and implemented by the OMT Support Team, in consultation with your A/V support team or provider, during initial system installation, testing & training.  

Details / Sequence of Events  

Please use the following links to proceed and view the various documents associated with understanding more about the OMT Member App.  

Notes / Special Situations  

The OpenMeeting platform application downloads and/or updates are available for customers with a valid software license. However, a specific license code is not required to download and use the Discussion Manager App as it will only operate with a licensed copy of the OMT Meeting Manager. Thus, any individuals who will be involved in OpenMeeting meetings may download and run the Discussion Manager App, assuming they will be connecting to Meetings started by a licensed copy of the OMT Meeting Manager AND the Meeting Administrator (Meeting Clerk) provides the secure access credentials (Username and Password) to the user. More is explained in the Download, Settings & Sign-In link provided in the section above. 

Following is a graphic of what the Discussion Manager App looks like to the Chair or other User during a Meeting. Note the graphical member representation (these can be actual photos), motion & second designation, current speaker, and those in queue to speak next.

Discussion Manager App – Overview

Hardware Choices: The Discussion Manager App works on any size Apple iPad & iPhones, Android tablets and phones and/or Windows PCs & tablets (using Windows 10 or later). Your Chair may choose the device type they wish to use since the App functions identically on each type of device. However, some customers may choose to specify a specific make/model device based on internal IT regulations or consistency of support.   

If you are having issues that are not successfully addressed above, or you are not successful signing into Discussion Manager App, please call OpenMeeting Customer Support at 320.249.0555.