Meeting Settings – Usernames & Passwords

Special Characters used in UserNames and Passwords 

Windows Meeting Manager Initial Sign-In 

On the Windows Meeting Manager Initial Sign-In Screen the Username and Password fields are a max of 128 Characters in length.

All special characters are allowed use in these initial sign-in fields EXCEPT the following two: 

| – Pipe or Vertical Bar 

\ – Backslash 

Member App and Discussion Manager App Sign-In

In the Member App (MA) and Discussion Manager App (DM) there are restrictions in the “special characters” you can use for these App Username and Password. These fields, which are established within the Configuration Settings – Roster Setup section of the Meeting Manager, are used for signing into the MA and DM Apps.    

Maximum Number of Characters for UserName and Passwords 

Maximum Characters (alpha-numeric-special characters) is 30 for these fields within the MA and DM Apps.   

Here is a list of Special Characters that are ALLOWED USE and those NOT ALLOWED USE in the UserName and Password fields of the MA and DM Apps.