Configuration Settings


Under Configuration Settings in the Main Menu of Meeting Manager, you establish the specific Configuration/s (Configuration File/s) for each specific Group. Groups can be City Council, County Commission, Public Works, etc., that will be using the Meeting Manager for their meetings. There are four categories of configuration options that need to be customized for each group/configuration (as follows): 

Meeting Settings – Roster Setup options allow you to document all of the members of your legislative body, specify their login credentials, identify the chairperson, and associate photos with each member. In addition, this category includes Display OptionsVoting CriteriaMotions & SecondsRTS (request to speak) Controls, and Results

Discussion Manager App – RTS (or request to speak) Setup options allow you to customize the member names that display on the chair’s Discussion Manager screen and which microphone device number (or channel) should be associated with each member.  Layout options allow you to place member icons or photos on the chair’s screen to correspond to where they sit in the meeting room – from the chair’s perspective. Connections options allow you to customize the communication or  “handshake” between the Discussion Manager and your DSP (digital sound system), and Test allows you to activate and deactivate microphones one at a time in order to test your communication.  Swagit options are used for interaction with a Swagit video encoder device. 

Public Display App –  Establish the viewing options of the Public Display regarding number of columns, and font sizes.

Member App – Establish how the Logo and Agenda will display for Members on their devices.  

All of these settings allow you to customize each specific configuration for each group or type of meetings you create.  

Details / Sequence of Events 

After signing into Meeting Manager, navigate to the Main Menu as shown below.

Select Meeting Setup.

Upon selecting Meeting Setup and the following screen will appear.

In Step 1 further below, we will be showing the process of Creating a New Configuration

Select Create New when on the following screen.

Step 1:  Configuration Setup (Load / Save As / Create New) 

To build a new configuration, select Create New as shown on the sample screen above.  

A dialog screen will open, allowing you to enter a configuration file name. For this example, let’s say you are creating a Configuration named Regular Board Meeting, which you would key into the File Name area of the Dialogue box as shown below.

Meeting Settings:

Select Save (as shown above) and a screen will appear that displays summary level information about your new configuration.

NOTE the two places on the screen where the Configuration Name you created is displayed. 

Select Edit Configuration from the gray banner at the top of the screen, and the following will display which are the Meeting Settings.

Selecting each of the 4 options on the left menu (Meeting Settings, Discussion Manager App, Public Display App and Member App) will allow you to establish the Configuration Settings for each of these areas.

All of the Configuration Settings are outlined below with links to each of the areas, which will provide fully detailed explanations and sample screens.

Meeting Settings:

Discussion Manager App Settings:

Standard Version:

Pro AV Version:

Public Display App Settings:

Member App:

Notes / Special Situations

We recommend you understand the concept of Groups, Configurations, Agendas, and Meetings to setup Configurations properly. If you are unsure of any of these concepts, please visit the following links as needed to gain more insights.