Meeting Settings – Display Options


The Display Options tab of Meeting Settings contains options related to how information is shown to members and to the public. 

Details / Sequence of Events 

Display Options is the second Tab within Configuration Settings / Meeting Settings. Review the following links if you need to understand more about Configuration Settings OR how to access the Main Menu/Meeting Settings: 

From the main menu Select Meeting Settings and the following screen appears with your Member Names. You are in the Roster Setup Tab (as shown at the top of the screen).  Assuming you have completed Roster Setup, then: 

Select Display Options (the second Tab) at the top of the screen and the Display Option fields will appear as shown below: 

Meeting Configuration Settings – Display Options

Display Options

Each of the Display Options available for customization are described below:  

The Group Logo is an image file that will be displayed on the Member App as well as on the Public Display.  Use the Browse button to navigate to an image file to associate with your group.  A logo isn’t required and can be added at a later time, should you desire.  

Display Item Summaries  

Apart from having an Item Name, agenda items may have 1 or 2 types of summaries or descriptive text associated with them.  The Item Name always displays on the Public Display, but a Brief Item Summary (containing up to 500 characters) will display below the Item Name on the Public Display only if this option is set to Yes

Auto-Display Item Summaries (Detailed Summary – unlimited) 

In addition to a Brief Item Summary noted above, you may also display a detailed Item Summary (which has no limit on the number of characters it can contain) on the Public Display as each item comes up for discussion.  

Item Summary Display Duration 

Enter the length of time (in seconds) you wish the detailed Item Summary to be displayed during meetings (i.e., enter 30 and the display initially appears, then goes away after 30 seconds). If you wish the display to show indefinitely, enter 9999.  

Meeting Manager Columns 

This option controls how many columns of Member Names will appear on the Meeting Manager’s display. You may display 2, 3, or 4 columns.   

Member Grid Font Size (slide bar) 

The Member Names displayed on the Meeting Manager screen can have their font size increased or decreased to best fit the screen layout. Adjust this via the slide bar. You can see what moving the slide bar does to the grid by clicking “Close Navigation” at the top left. Go back into Meeting Settings, then Display Options to adjust or proceed with setup. 

Voter Button Language  

In various places on the Member App and Public Display, specific words are used during a meeting to signify certain actions. For example, a YES vote may be displayed as YEA, and a NO vote may be displayed as NAY.   

If you would like to change a Button Label, enter it to the right of its Button Name (which is static and on the left) as shown on the following screen: 

You are finished with the Display Options setup for this Configuration.  

Proceed to the next tab (at the top of the screen) in Configuration Setup, which is Voting Options. Use the following link to view Voting Option settings: 

Notes / Special Situations  

If you are having issues that are not successfully addressed above, or you are not successful signing into Meeting Manager, please call OpenMeeting Customer Support at 320.249.0555.