Discussion Manager Settings – RTS Setup


RTS (Request to Speak) Setup options allow you to customize the display of members’ names and whether or not to identify them in the RTS queue on the Public Display.  Additionally, Pro AV users have options for identifying which device or microphone each member is using and whether or not their microphone should be activated automatically at the beginning of discussion sequences. 

Details / Sequence of Events 

Sign-In to the Meeting Manager App. If you need help logging-in OR understanding Groups, Meetings, Configurations; view the following links: 

Navigate to the Discussion Manager App Settings menu option and the screen below will open to the first tab at the top – RTS Setup.  

  • NOTE: Assuming you have completed the Meeting Configuration Settings and have input your Member Roster there initially, those member names will appear automatically for you in the second column. However, they can be edited to display differently on the Discussion Manager and Public Displays (as explained further below).  
Discussion Manager Configuration Settings – RTS Setup

Each of the RTS Setup options is described below. Remember, all your changes will be auto-saved as you make changes.  

Login ID (32 characters max) 

  • The Login ID is the ID value (abbreviated name) that the member will enter into the Member App in order to log into the Meeting Manager, when a meeting is ready to start.  NOTE: The Login ID was already setup in the Configuration Settings Roster and is not editable here. If you wish to change it, go to the Configuration Settings – Roster menu and tab.    

Diplayed RTS Name (32 characters max) 

  • IF this is your first time doing setup for the Discussion Manager, you will see the names of your members displayed in this column, just as you entered them in the Configuration Settings – Roster.  However, you may want them to show differently on the Discussion Manager screen. Make the changes in this field as you wish the names to appear on the Discussion Manager screen. Example: Your member name may be Judith Larson, but you wish it to display as J.Larson, LARSON, J.LARSON-District 2, etc.   

RTS Active (Check box) 

  • The RTS Active checkbox controls whether or not to display the RTS status and/or microphone status of a member on the Public Display.  If this checkbox is checked, then a member’s request to speak will appear on the PD.  If they are recognized by the chair, their name will appear in red on the PD. 
  • If the RTS Active checkbox is unchecked, then the PD will not reflect a member’s RTS status.  Since a chairperson’s microphone is almost always on, and a chairperson doesn’t need to request to speak, this checkbox is usually unchecked for the chair and checked for all other members. 

RTS Device (a whole number – 4 digits max) 

  • IF you are using the OMT ProAV system (controlling your A/V Mic & Camera equipment), a Device Number must be assigned to each Member. This number associates each Member with a specific microphone and camera position. Your A/V company will determine which device belongs to which member and seating location. 
  • NOTE: Members may share devices, so the same device number may be associated with multiple members. 

Mic On (Check box) 

  • Checking this box, IF you are using OMT ProAV (controlling your A/V Microphones) establishes the “default” state to be ON for the Mic of this Member when a discussion is started.  Example: It is normal practice to check this box for the Chair as his/her Mic will then be ON at the onset of any discussions and during the entire meeting.  
  • Un-checking this box, establishes the “default” state of the Mic for this Member to be OFF.  Member Mics will remain OFF until the Chair recognizes the Member to speak via the RTS function, which the Chair controls. Example: It is normal practice to leave this box un-checked for all Members except the Chair. 

Discussion Manager (Check box) 

  • Check this box, for the Member that is functioning as the Chair for meetings of this group.  The Chair will then have rights to log into and operate the Discussion Manager App.     
  • Un-check this box, for all Members that will not have access to the Discussion Manager App during meetings.  Normally all other Members, but the Chair, will have this box un-checked.   
  • NOTE:  It is possible to check this box for other members. The Chair may request help in running the meeting or specifically operating the RTS process.  In this case, check this box both for the Chair and for the other Member (or Staff person) that will aid the Chair by using the Discussion Manager also.  Both people will have access to the Discussion Manager and operate it as a team during meetings.  
  • The use of a separate Member App on another device is not necessary for any members that have access to the Discussion Manager.  See notes further below. 

Image Thumbnail       

Use the Browse button to navigate to and select an image file to be associated with each member in the Discussion Manager. Generally, these are located in the Media folder located within your C:/Meeting Manager folder, however you can select images from any folder you store your images within. You can use actual pictures (.jpg, .png, or .tiff file formats) or icon files if actual pictures are not preferred. NOTE that if no image is selected (field blank) a generic default person icon will be auto-inserted. You can change images at anytime. 

You are finished with the Discussion Manager – RTS Setup options.   

  • Proceed to the next tabat the top of the screen, which is Layout.  Use the following link to view the Layout options:  

Notes / Special Situations  

Use of the Discussion Manager App, negates the need for using the Member App for the Chair or other Members using it.  The Chair or any other Member (aiding the Chair) and using the Discussion Manager during meetings, will NOT need to have the Member App operating. Once the Chair and any other Member access the Discussion Manager, then all the normal Member App functions like Roll Call, RTS, Motions, Seconds, Voting, and Agenda / Document Review functionality will be presented to them on the Discussion Manager screens.   

If you are having any issues that are not successfully addressed above, or you are not successful signing into Meeting Manager, please call OpenMeeting Customer Support at 320.249.0555.