Member App – Settings


The Member App is an app that can run on any device (Apple/Android phones/tablets, as well as any Windows 10 devices or PCs).  It is the app that Members will use on a device when attending a meeting (in-person or remotely). The app is what allows members to indicate their presence, view the agenda, view documents, request to speak (RTS), and to motion, second and vote on items.  

These settings allow you to customize how the Member App operates for your Members. These are saved as part of you Configuration File for this Group and will be used for all meetings of this Group.  These settings are described further below.   

Details / Sequence of Events 

Sign-In the Meeting Manager App. If you need help logging-in OR understanding Groups, Meetings, or Configurations, please view the following links: 

Configuration Settings – Member App

Review and make changes to the 2 fields displayed on this screen as desired, per the following descriptions: 

Show Logo in App (check box)  

This feature simply allows you to show your organization logo on the home screen of the Member App.  When signing into a meeting and waiting for the meeting to start, the Member App will welcome the member by name and display the organization logo. The logo displayed is the logo you have selected earlier from your media files, in the Configuration / Meeting Settings / Display Options.    

  • CHECKED – When this option is checked, the organization logo will appear for each member on the home / welcome screen of the Member App, when members are signed-in and waiting for a meeting to start. This provides a nice, professional touch for the Members, as well as confirming they are in the correct meeting while they wait for RollCall.   
  • UNCHECKED – Choose this option if, for any reason, you prefer your organization logo to not display within the Member App.   

Force Agenda Sync (check box)  

This feature establishes a certain level of control, for the meeting manager or chair, of the members’ uninterrupted focus on each agenda item.  

  • CHECKED – Forces the Members to view the details of the currently discussed Agenda Item ONLY. The members will be able to view the Agenda (list of items), but will not be able to open and view any other Agenda Item details other than the one currently in discussion mode.    
  • UNCHECKED – Allows Members to both view the Agenda (list of items) AND to open any Agenda item to view details contained within that item. The members can do this at any time during the meeting, regardless of which item is currently in discussion mode.    

Notes / Special Situations  

If you are having any issues that are not successfully addressed above, or you are not successful signing into Meeting Manager, please call OpenMeeting Customer Support at 320.249.0555.