Meeting Settings – Motions & Seconds


The Motions & Seconds tab of Meeting Settings is where you establish various settings specific to how the group will handle Motions / Seconds and how Amendments may be initiated.  

Details / Sequence of Events 

Motions & Seconds is the fourth tab within Configuration Settings / Meeting Settings

Review the following links if you need to understand more about Configuration Settings or how to access the Main Menu/Meeting Settings: 

From the main menu select Meeting Settings. Assuming you have completed Roster Setup and Display Options, select Motions & Seconds at the top of the screen and the following screen will display. Complete the fields within Motions & Seconds before moving on to the next Tab (RTS Options).  

Meeting Configuration Settings – Motions & Seconds

The following explains each field on the Motions & Seconds Tab: 

Activate Motions / Seconds   

This drop-down menu provides two choices:  

  • Yes – Select Yes if you wish to have Motions & Seconds recorded within the system. This will allow the Meeting Manager user to click on M and S buttons to the right of Member Names to indicate who motioned and seconded on an item. This information will be displayed on the Public Display as well as on the Discussion Manager App and Member App.  It will also be recorded in the results file 
  • No – Select No if you don’t want to record Motions & Seconds in the Meeting Manager. 

Confirm Motions / Seconds 

This drop-down menu provides two choices:  

  • Yes – Select Yes if you would like to have the Clerk confirm Motions & Seconds when they are initiated from Members (via the Member App). The clerk will see a dialog box appear when a Motion or Second is made and can confirm that action. This allows an opportunity to confirm that was the intention. If a motion or second is not confirmed, no motion or second is recorded. 
  • No – Select No if you do not want to be prompted to confirm each motion and second. 

Initiate Motions / Seconds  

There are three choices to select from:  

  • By Members or Clerk – Members will be able to make a Motion or a Second by selection buttons on their Member App. The Clerk and Chair will see these immediately within the Meeting Manager and Discussion Manager Apps. In addition, the Clerk will be able to make a Motion/Second for a Member by selecting the M or S button next to member’s names in the Meeting Manager. This is helpful if a member has a device issue or is calling in remotely. 
  • By Clerk Only – Members will not have options presented to them on their Member App for Motions & Seconds. Motions will be made verbally and the Clerk will select Motion or Second for that member by selecting the M or S button next to that member’s name in the Meeting Manager.   
  • Motion by Clerk, Second by Members – Similar to By Clerk Only, the Clerk will be the one to select the M button next to a member name when a Motion is verbally made by a member. Members will then have the ability to Second on their devices. After the Clerk selects M for the Member, buttons will appear on the Member Apps for any member to choose to Second.  

Enable Amendments via Member App  

There are two choices to select from:  

  • Yes – Select Yes if you want to display motion & second buttons on the Member App which would allow Members to propose an Amendment themselves. After a Motion & Second have been made, an orange button will appear on all Member Apps labeled AMEND
  • No – Select No if you prefer to have members initiate motions and seconds verbally.  In this case, no Motion/Second/Amend buttons will appear on the Member App. 

Chairperson Can Motion / Second 

There are two choices to select from:  

  • Yes – Select Yes if the Chair is allowed to Motion or Second. The chair will see Motion and Second buttons in the Member App during discussion of agenda items.   
  • No – Choose No if the Chair is not allowed to Motion or Second.   

You are finished with Motion & Seconds setup. 

Proceed to the next tab in Configuration Settings, which is RTS Options. These are the next set of options to be setup for this new configuration. Use the following link to view RTS Option Settings: 

Notes / Special Situations  

If you are having issues that are not successfully addressed above, or you are not successful signing into Meeting Manager, please call OpenMeeting Customer Support at 320.249.0555.