Public Display App – Settings


There are a few settings that allow you to customize how the Public Display is presented.  These settings are saved as part of your Configuration File for this Group and will be used for all meetings of this Group.  These settings are described further below.   

Details / Sequence of Events 

Sign-In the Meeting Manager App. If you need help logging in or understanding Groups, Meetings, or Configurations, please view the following links: 

Navigate to and Select the Public Display App under Configuration Settings on the main Meeting Manager menu. 

A screen like the one below will open: 

Configuration Settings – Public Display App

Review and make changes to the three fields displayed on this screen as desired, per the following descriptions: 

Public Display Columns (drop-down menu)  

This option controls how many columns of members are shown on the Public Display during meetings. In this drop-down menu, select the number of grid Columns you wish the members displayed within (1, 2, 3 or 4 columns).  

  • For a membership of seven (7) or less, we recommend one (1) column.
  • For memberships of 8-14 we recommend two (2) columns. 
  • For memberships of 15-21, we recommend three (3) columns. 
  • For memberships of 21 and above, we recommend four (4) columns.  

Later, when you view the Public Display prior to starting any meeting, you can change this setting easily here, and the Public Display will change immediately to the selected grid setting.  Once set, you generally don’t need to change it again, unless the number of members should change. 

User-Adjustable Name Font Sizes(Yes/No drop-down menu)  

  • YES – Allows you to use the slider bar below to adjust the size of “all” member names to a size of your choice, which best fits your preferences for the Public Display.  Note that this adjusts ALL names on the screen to the same font size. You may see long names get truncated if the font size is too large.  
  • NO – Does not allow you to make adjustments with the slider bar below.  The system automatically establishes the largest size for “each” member name to fit within the grid box.  Note that this selection may have some member names larger and smaller (long names) than others as it chooses a size for each that fits the grid.    

Public Display Font Size (slide bar)  

Only IF the selection in the above field (User-Adjustable Name Font Sizes) is YES will this slider bar have any effect.  IF so, then the slider bar will increase and decrease “all” member name font sizes on the Public Display as described above. 

IF the selection in the above field (User-Adjustable Name Font Sizes) is NO, then this slider bar is inactive, as the font sizes will be established automatically for each member as described above.  

Notes / Special Situations  

IF you are establishing these configuration settings for the first time, before you’ve run your first meeting, we recommend setting the values above as follows until you do the final setup for your first live meeting.  

  • Public Display Columns = appropriate to your number of members 
  • User Adjustable Name Font sizes = Yes 
  • Font Size Slider = in the middle 

Then, when you setup for your first meeting (and before the live meeting starts), you will be able to view the public display (as the public will see it). You can then easily make changes on the settings above while viewing the Public Display and establish your desired view.  Generally, as you conduct each successive meeting, these settings will not need adjusting, thus once set initially, you will generally not need to adjust them again. 

If you are having any issues that are not successfully addressed above, or you are not successful signing into Meeting Manager, please call OpenMeeting Customer Support at 320.249.0555.