Member App – Operation During a Meeting


The Member App is reviewed and explained in the following document links.  Please see these if you need more preliminary information.   

This document and the details in the next section, will explain the functions and use of the Member App by a member / user, during a live meeting. 

Details / Sequence of Events 

Find and Open the Member App iCon  

Assuming you have the Member App loaded and settings correctly input on the device you will use during a meeting, open the App on your device by selecting the following iCon. 

The following screen will display, and you can select Sign-In: 

Meeting NOT yet LOADED by the Clerk 

After signing in, you may get the following screen IF the Clerk has not yet LOADED the meeting on the Meeting Manager.  This is fine, as you may be early to the meeting, where the Clerk has not yet Loaded a meeting for you to connect to.   

Select the CLOSE button on the upper right of the screen and wait to try again after you are informed the meeting is loaded and ready, by the Clerk.   

Meeting Loaded – Waiting for Roll to be Called 

When the Clerk has a meeting loaded for Members to connect to, the Member App will display the following AFTER you Sign-in. This screen, welcoming you by name, confirms you are “connected” to the current meeting.  And as noted here, you are waiting for the meeting to start and Roll to be called. The Chair has not yet called for Roll at this point.

Meeting Started – Roll is being Called 

When the Chair starts the meeting and requests a Roll Call, the Members will see their screen change, asking them to mark themselves Present. Simply press the green button (shown below).

NOTE: If you sign-on AFTER Roll has already been called, you may not see the welcome screen above.   

The Clerk’s Meeting Manager will receive notification of your attendance and include you in the Tally. Your screen will change status to “Waiting for Discussion to Start” as follows.  IF the Clerk has a Public Display open, you can see yourself on the Public Display, marked as PRESENT, and you will see the final Tally of the Roll Call on the Public Display also.  

Agenda – View the Table of Contents

The Member App will always allow the member to open and VIEW the agenda table of contents on his/her device.  However there is a system setting in the Meeting Manager to allow (or not allow) viewing “details” of other agenda items other than when in discussion on that item. To understand this option, please review the following document link: 

For the discussion below in this document, we will assume that the Agenda Sync option is turned ON.  

After Tally, the Chair will announce the next Agenda Item and open the floor for Discussion.  As shown on the screen below, the Member App will display details of this agenda item (in this example simply the opening Pledge of Allegiance). There may or may not be member discussion on this item, which we will discuss further below. 

Opening the Agenda Table of Contents 

Notice the “carrot icon” on the top left of the screen above. This allows you, within the Member App, to display the agenda table of contents AND to review details of other Agenda Items, while the meeting is in-progress. This is shown on the screen below.  You can select any agenda item here and view its’ details while other meeting discussion is going on.  For example, the screen below shows we are currently in discussion on the Public Comment agenda item (in BOLD), however I have selected to review the details on the agenda item for Resolution 58-1 (also in BOLD).  No one else is aware that I am skipping ahead to review these details. 

See on the above screen, that the Pledge of Allegiance item is marked as BLACK in the status box.  This means that this agenda item has been completed and since a non-voting item, it is marked in BLACK.  The Approval of Agenda item is marked as GREEN. This means that this item is also completed and was a voting item.  It passed on the vote and thus is marked in GREEN.  Items that are voted on but fail will show here marked in RED as the meeting progresses.  Items not yet discussed / completed in the agenda have no color designation in the box. 

Selecting the “carrot icon” again will close the table of content display and return you to the details of the current item in discussion. 

Request to Speak Functions 

Request to Speak (RTS) functionality may be turned ON or OFF for use within the Member App.  There are various system / configuration settings associated with how Request to Speak can operate.  Please revew the document link below to better understand these various RTS Options: 

For the discussion below in this document, we will assume RTS functionality is turned ON. 

When the meeting is in Discussion Mode on an Item, you will see a large yellow “Request to Speak” button in the lower right corner of the Member App (as displayed below). Pressing this will automatically notify the Chair of your desire to speak and place you in the speaker queue in the order of your request.

You will then immediately see the current speaker who has the floor, and your order in the speaker queue as shown below.  Anytime you wish to Cancel your request to speak, you can select the yellow Cancel button to be removed from the speaker queue.  The Chair and Clerk will automatically see this happening on their Apps. 

When it is your turn to speak, you’ll see a yellow banner at the top of the Member App, along with notice on the bottom of the screen, stating “You Have the Floor” as shown below.  You can notify the Chair that you are done speaking by pressing the yellow DONE button. 

Making Motions & Seconds  

The ability for members to make Motions & Seconds from within the Member App, may be turned ON or OFF for use within the Member App.  There are various system / configuration settings associated with how Motions & Seconds operate within the Member App. Please review the document link below to better understand these various options: 

For the discussion below in this document, we will assume Motion & Second functionality is turned ON. 

As the meeting progresses through discussion on an item, Members can interact and establish a Motion or a Second from the Member App, respectively. The Member App will display a gold MOTION button (as seen on the screen above) OR a gold SECOND button as shown below.  IF a Motion has already be made, the Member making the Motion will display on the top of the screen, and the option to Second this will be shown on the bottom of the screen.  Only one Motion & one Second will be allowed.  

Voting on Agenda Items 

After a Motion and Second, the Chair will generally call for a Vote and the Member App will automatically Display the appropriate Voting options as follows: 

The Member will cast their vote by selecting one of the option buttons above.  

IF you vote and change you mind before the final tally, you may do so by pressing the “Change Your Vote” button shown below.  

If you change your mind before the vote is tallied, simply press the blue Change Your Vote button, and you will be offered the option to select your vote again. 

Voting Results 

After all Member votes are cast, the Member app will display a summary of results: 

The clerk will then bring the next item up for discussion and the Member App will proceed along in similar fashion for Discussion, Requests to Speak, Motions, Seconds and Voting.  

Amending an Agenda Item 

The ability to allow Amendments to be called for from within the Member App (or not) is a system / configuration option within the Meeting Manager. It may be turned ON or OFF. These options are explained more in the following document link:  

  • Configuration Settings – Motions, Seconds, Amendments 

For the discussion below in this document, we will assume the Amendment functionality is turned ON. 

With a Motion and Second already in place, a member can request a Motion to Amend this item by clicking the Amend button on the Member App as shown below. 

After more discussion is completed and IF a second is received by another member for the Amendment Motion to be accepted, then a Vote will be called specifically to Amend this item per the terms discussed.  Amendments may be handled in a few different ways and these are further explained in the following document link.  

Ending the Meeting 

After all agenda items are covered, votes are captured and the Chair signals for Adjournment, the Clerk will end the meeting. The Member Apps and your device will automatically revert to the Sign-In screen as they are no longer connected to meeting.  

At this time the Members can close the Member App on their devices by selecting the X in the upper right corner of the screen shown below: 

A confirmation screen “may” be displayed like the one below, to confirm you wish to Close the Member App. You would normally select OK and the App will close.  

NOTE: On Android or Apple devices, this message may not appear. This is OK and you can simply swipe off or close the App on your device as you would any other App.   

Notes / Special Situations  

As noted above in this document, there are various options to allow (or not allow) the Member App to access & view agenda item details, perform request to speak functions, access & view agenda item details within the table of contents during a meeting, and to allow the ability to motion for amendments.  More is explained about these options within the following document links which pertain to these specific system / configuration settings with the Meeting Manager

The document above also refers to “how” Amendments can be handled during a meeting. To understand more about handling Amendments, you may wish to view the following document link: 

If you are having issues that are not successfully addressed above, or you are not successful signing into Meeting Manager, please call OpenMeeting Customer Support at 320.249.0555.