Member App – Introduction


The Member App is software that can be downloaded to any Android, Apple or Windows device (Phones, Tablets or PCs) and is used by voting and non-voting members to interact with the OpenMeeting Meeting Manager during a live meeting. When a live meeting is ready to conduct and started by the Meeting Manager, the Member App allows each member to log-in and connect to the Meeting Manager from their device, and be seen as present and ready for Roll Call. The Member App provides functionality for the Member to view the Agenda, follow the meeting progression, request to speak during item discussions, introduce motions & seconds, propose amendments and cast votes during roll-call voting.  

Details / Sequence of Events 

Please use the following links to proceed and view the various documents associated with and understanding more about the OMT Member App.  

Notes / Special Situations 

The OpenMeeting platform application downloads and/or updates are available for customers with a valid software license. However, a license code is not required to download and use the Member App as it will only operate with a licensed copy of the OMT Meeting Manager. Thus, any individuals who will be involved in OpenMeeting meetings may download and run the Member App, assuming they will be connecting to Meetings started by a licensed copy of the OMT Meeting Manager AND the Meeting Administrator (Meeting Clerk) provides the secure access credentials (Username and Password) to the user. More is explained in the Download, Settings & Sign-In link provided in the section above.

Following is a graphic overview of what the Member App looks like to the Member / User, during the meeting discussion portion of an Agenda Item.  

Hardware Choices: The Member App works on any size Apple iPad & iPhones, Android tablets and phones and/or Windows PCs & tablets (using Windows 10 or later). Your members may choose the device type they wish to use since the App functions identically on each type device. However, some customers may choose to have all members use the same make/model device based on internal IT regulations or consistency of support.   

If you are having issues that are not successfully addressed above, or you are not successful signing into Member App, please call OpenMeeting Customer Support at 320.249.0555.