Meeting Manager – Version: 1.40.038

Jul 6, 2022 | Application Updates, Discussion Manager, Meeting Manager, Member App

This new version of the Meeting Manager is considered a MAJOR UPDATE and should be upgraded to as soon as possible.


Also released are major updates for the following OpenMeeting platform applications:

    • Discussion Manager (Version 1.40.009)

    • Member App (Version 1.40.007)

As these updates are consider MAJOR updates, we highly recommend updating all of your installed applications as soon as possible to ensure best product usage.




Bug Fixes: 

    • When moving members around on the Roster List in Config Settings, it sometimes caused RTS problems on the Public Display and Discussion Manager App – All is now synched properly now after making any changes / moves in the Roster. 
    • When Agendas were many items, the up/down arrows on the scroll bar were inactive, causing the system to halt/loop where user had to close the MM – Arrows always active now. 
    • When loading a meeting and then going back to Main Menu to Edit the Agenda, the EDIT AGENDA option was missing in a certain sequence of events – Now it is always presented. 
    • When Adding or Editing an Item in the Agenda Editor, you will see the Character Counts correctly incrementing when keying in the Item Name and Brief Item Summary fields, so you know how many characters you have remaining before filling this field. 
    • Correctly displaying Voice Vote Results on the remote Discussion Manager App. 
    • The Meeting Settings for using Abstain during Voting or No Abstains works properly and consistently within the Meeting Manager and the Member App. 
    • The settings for Members and Chair to Abstain (or not) when voting is working properly for all settings. 
    • The Public Display button no longer disappears in the special situation of Editing the Agenda, while in a Meeting. 
    • The situation when editing the Agenda or Config causing the Public Display button to disappear is corrected so the PD button is always present. 
    • There was an issue where the Public Display was not displaying the Motions & Seconds after a Vote was tallied.  This is now corrected so M&S always displays on PD with vote tallies. 
    • In Agenda Editor the Print Agenda Button is now printing the Agenda properly with all fields.

Changes / Improvements: 

    • On a Vote where Chair Breaks Ties, IF the Chair is absent when the Tie is called, the system now has a back-out button to leave that Agenda Item and move on to other items or end the meeting if needed. 
    • Roll Call Tally counts include only the Membership, they do not include staff or others who may be present, even if they are on RTS Devices. 
    • The voice vote sequence is more intuitive where the clerk may easily enact a voice re-vote if the chair could not discern the outcome OR easily revert to a formal roll-call vote, without leaving the voting process of this item, if the chair requests that. 
    • In Config Settings / Roster Setup, we’ve added up & down arrow selectors for setting the Number of Members and Quorum field values, which is much easier & more intuitive. 
    • A Blue details button will always display when viewing the Consent Agenda during a meeting.  It displays a list of all the individual items inside contained within the Consent Item.   
    • Links to upgrade to the latest release of the Meeting Manager are now active from both the initial Splash page as well as the Sign-In page. 
    • The Meeting Manager (Clerk) did not have control of the Chairs Mic from the MM, but now the MM can control (On/Off) the Chairs Mic always as a backup in case the Discussion Managerthe Chair is using may fall off-line. 
    • Comma’s added to the Results File Vote Results between the types, so they are easier to read and don’t run together. 
    • In Configuration Settings / Display Options, the Browse button always points to the Media Folder and the Clear button always clears the current field. 







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