Meeting Manager – Version: 1.40.018

May 12, 2022 | Application Updates, Discussion Manager, Meeting Manager, Member App

This new version of the Meeting Manager is considered a MAJOR UPDATE and should be upgraded to as soon as possible.


Also released are major updates for the following OpenMeeting platform applications:

    • Discussion Manager (Version 1.40.009)

    • Member App (Version 1.40.007)

As these updates are consider MAJOR updates, we highly recommend updating all of your installed applications as soon as possible to ensure best product usage.




    • Advanced connection messaging to better inform users about any connection issues
    • Improvements for application speed and reliability
    • When creating a new Agenda Item, the system does not allow for an Item Name to be blank and will prompt you to input a valid Item Name.
    • Uninstall or Reinstall of Meeting Manager version has no effect on Media Files, where in past version some Media Files were lost.
    • When creating a New Meeting, the system now edits for special characters and prompts the user to correct if special characters they are using are not allowed.
    • ​Log File logs coming and going of all Remote Users on Apps, which is used primarily for OpenMeeting Support to identify any issues with remote connectivity of Member & / Discussion Manager apps.
    • When selecting an Image Thumbnail for Members in Discussion Manager RTS Setup; the Browse button now always opens into the Media Folder first, as this is normally where all media would be located.
    • ​​If the COM Port connection is changed in Discussion Manager / Connection Settings, the system now properly prompts the User to Re-Connect to effect that change.
    • ​If a meeting is open and Clerk exits to Home / Select Group screen, then returns to the same meeting, Members stay connected as expected.  If Clerk selects a different meeting, Members are auto-disconnected from the previous meeting but can easily sign into the New Meeting.
    • In Agenda Editor; Editing, Copying or Deleting selected Item is now more intuitive.
    • When Clerk randomly moves to an Item out of order during a Meeting, all other devices (Member App, Discussion Manager, Public Display) correctly sync showing the selected Item in Discussion.
    • ​In a meeting with many members, the Discussion Manager view can use smaller icons to proportionately fit all Member icons / photos on the screen.
    • ​Creation of a Meeting without a Name is not allowed. System now prompts for entry of a valid Meeting Name if nothing is entered.
    • ​When editing an Agenda Item and selecting Custom Vote, the Custom vote # is now in view on the display.
    • Public Lectern was spelled wrong for this icon.
    • ​Configuration and Agenda Files selected are always kept unique for the meeting they were created for.
    • ​Creating a New Meeting workflow is more intuitive in the case where you may wish to Change and then Rename a Configuration File.
    • ​Random situations where Creating a New Config or Agenda cause the currently loaded files to be lost has been found and no longer can happen.
    • The Results / Minutes file is now correctly displaying a time stamp for the start of Roll Call.
    • ​In the Discussion Manager Connections Settings, the Default Baud Rates are set to  9600 for Serial ASCII and 1200 for  Wireless RF.
    • ​When Baud Rate is 1200 in Wireless RF Settings of Meeting Manager configuration, it now properly makes a connection, where it did not make the connection in a past version.
    • In Agenda Editor the Spell Check feature is active for Item Name, Item Summary and Detailed Summary.
    • ​​​The Results/Minutes file now has specific header identifications of the Meeting by listing the Agenda File Name, Configuration name, as well as the Agenda Name and Description.
    • ​In File Manager / Media Files, a Reset Path button is added to easily return to the main Media folder.
    • ​Editing the RTS Device Numbers prompts and requires a number input.
    • On opening the Meeting Manager, the Splash Screen correctly displays the current & installed version #s.
    • ​​The Results/Minutes File now has specific header identifications of the Meeting by listing the Agenda File Name, Configuration name, as well as the Agenda Name & Description.
    • ​During Voice voting a prompt appears on the Meeting Manager to clear the Speaker Queue.
    • In Agenda Editor, the Add, Edit, Copy & Delete functions are now working consistently for the selected Item.
    • ​Drop-Down Menu in Settings for Initiate Motions & Seconds had typo corrected.
    • When Display RTS on Public Display is ON or OFF in Settings, the RTS status displays (or does not display) correctly based on this user setting chosen.
    • ​When creating new Configuration Files, the new Configuration is saved and loaded as current meeting immediately, to avoid confusion with previously loaded Configuration.
    • ​A Vote Result screen on Public Display no longer appears for non-voting Items.
    • ​If Notepad  is open during Motion to Amend being selected, the system now can advance correctly to the new Motion to Amend Item in Discussion mode.
    • ​Enabled application splash screen to be skipped if current or show update information for new versions.
    • ​When ​in Main Menu / Media Files – default location is always the Media Folder, where all Media should generally reside.
    • When Members enter or leave a meeting – the Members Present counts are now immediately reflected on all devices (Member App, Discussion Manager, Public Display) correctly.
    • In Roster Setup for Discussion Manager, a user may now leave the Member Photo / Icon blank if desired.
    • ​Chair may (or may not) Motion & Second from Discussion Manager or Clerk actions on Meeting Manager dependent uponConfiguration setting Chair can Motion / Second Y/N.
    • ​​Minor spelling correction made in pop-up for Continue Last Session
    • When editing configuration to reduce the number of members, a prompt reminds the user that member data will be deleted, with option to cancel.
    • ​Prompts for Motions and Seconds appear at the correct times on all Member Apps and Discussion Mgr Apps consistently.
    • ​Vote Tally is displayed on all Devices (MM, MA, DM, PD) at the correct time and cleared upon Discussion of NEXT Item.
    • ​Changing the global Config Setting for Show Item Summary (on PD) will be set automatically for any NEW Item added to the Agenda.
    • ​Non-Member Participants like staff (Finance Dir, Attorney, etc.) are coded in the Roster as RTS ONLY, may sign-in with Devices to have all the RTS functions just like Members, but will not have Vote Options come up on their devices.
    • ​​In an unlikely situation where Chair is Absent (DM went offline) when a Tie-breaker vote is needed, ​the Clerk can mark the Chair Present manually BEFORE Voting begins OR go to Settings to select a different Chair.
    • ​Narrative view for all Vote Results when Pass or Fail is no longer truncated when displayed.
    • Upper & Lowercase characters and MOST Special Characters area allowed to be used for Member UserIDs and Passwords in MM, MA, and DM.  Those that are not allowed, will simply not be allowed to be entered.
    • ​​​Default Setting for Auto-Display the Item Summary on PD is set to 30 Seconds, but can be changed to anything by the User.
    • ​Meetings created in one Group are not shown or replicated in any other Group.
    • In Agenda Editor, the Brief Item Summary field has a capacity of 500 characters.






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