OpenMeeting Member App: Major Release Version

Mar 23, 2021 | Application Updates, Meeting Manager, Member App

This new release of the OpenMeeting Member App – Version should be considered a major update. It is recommended that all current customers that are running RollCall Pro – Version (or earlier) in conjunction with our Member App – Version (or earlier) should upgrade both applications to gain the full benefits of each application. 

Performance Updates: 

  • Improve overall networking connectivity and reconnect when application is not in focus or network loses connection 
  • Improved member app disconnect awareness 

Bug Fixes: 

  • Synchronizes Member App screens when Meeting Manger is used to set a Member’s presence 
  • Fixed maximize issue at lower resolutions (Windows Only) 
  • Fixed shortcut pathing for (Windows Only) 
  • Fixed minor audio issues 
  • Fixed minor spelling items 

Changes / Improvements: 

  • Added timeout variable in settings for networks with longer periods of network connectivity issues 
  • Added new confirmation dialog when login information settings are changed and settings window is closed without saving 
  • Minor spacing and margin changes for various resolutions 

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