VERSION 4-4-0-032

Monday, November 23, 2020

NEW FEATURE: Added ability for clerk to enter roll call votes manually on behalf of members.

Added option to enable or disable amendments made via the Member App.

Added a “Show Account”, which allows a user to log into the Member App and monitor the screens being displayed to voting members.

Created new OpenMeeting Member App with FULL display features for tablets and LITE display features for smaller displays.

Added option to allow members to navigate through the meeting agenda and review agenda item details (or not) within the Member App.  (Requires new OpenMeeting Member App)

Created new Public Display window.

VERSION 4-2-0-182

Monday, April 27, 2020

NEW FEATURE: Added ability for user to record roll call votes manually in case the group is meeting via conference call and not using devices remotely.

NEW FEATURE: Item summaries are now automatically upsized to fit the space available, allowing for easier viewing at a distance.

CHANGE: When agenda items are removed from the Consent Agenda, they are now inserted after consent in their original agenda order.

FIX: Pass/Fail outcomes on the Public Display are now autosized so that they fit on one line both on-screen and in JPG snapshots of voting results.

VERSION 4-2-0-175

Friday, February 28, 2020

NEW FEATURE: RollCall Pro now informs RTS Pro when we enter and leave voting mode, triggering automatic video switching from camera to computer input and back.  The voting screen in RollCall Pro is then captured full screen in a broadcast or recording without manual intervention.

FIX: Dropdown (edit) functions are now removed from voting position buttons in the Meeting Manager after we leave the tally stage and enter pre-discussion mode on the next agenda item.

VERSION 4-2-0-169

Friday, January 17, 2020

NEW FEATURE: Added on/off feature that causes the speaker timer to start automatically as soon as a member is recognized.

NEW FEATURE: Added “Test” buttons next to Public Timer’s play alert and expiration sound options.

NEW FEATURE: Added “Show RTS” checkbox column to Roster, providing control over whether a member’s RTS indicator should be allowed to light up or not.  This feature is tied to the use of RTS Pro in conjunction with RollCall Pro and useful when a voter/officer microphone is active all the time by default.

NEW FEATURE: Added “DONE” button to Member App to allow members to exhaust their remaining speaking time manually when they are finished.

CHANGE: Motion to Amend dialog now uses its global setting for timer display in discussion, eliminating the need to activate it manually each time a motion to amend is made.

FIX: Corrected display of # of Absent members on Meeting Manager screen.

FIX: Corrected display of Maximize/Minimize Timer button state when auto-display of item summaries time runs out.

FIX: Corrected a system slowdown when entering Discussion or Voting mode.

VERSION 4-2-0-155

Monday, December 09, 2019

NEW FEATURE: Added Dynamic Polling option, which provides support for polls (for example, the election of a chairperson).

NEW FEATURE: Implemented option of Automatic Speaker Recognition when connected to RTS Pro.

CHANGE: If the user doesn’t click the “Next” button after the last item is voted on, the program will now automatically snap a screenshot of the last results screen.

FIX: Corrected problem in the use of custom voting positions (for example, “Aye” as opposed to “Yes”).

FIX: Corrected a system slowdown when entering Discussion or Voting mode.

VERSION 4-1-8-139

Friday, September 27, 2019

FIX: If using keypads (not “smart” devices) for voting and if Confirm Motions/Seconds = Yes, then all other keypad entries are screened out until user either confirms or cancels motion/second.

FIX: Eliminated problem in roll call (text results) reporting if someone arrives late.

FIX: Trapped error condition in the Member App if the Meeting Manager moves too quickly through agenda item stages (discovered during practice sessions).

FIX: Added error trapping and recovery procedures if the user attempts to access a file in a folder that doesn’t exist.

VERSION 4-1-8-135

Monday, August 12, 2019

FIX: Removed “This member marked absent at…” messages at end of results file when meeting ends normally (via
End Meeting” button click).

VERSION 4-1-8-134

Thursday, August 08, 2019

 Added option to Maximize Timer on the Public Screen.  Previous Maximize (Summary) button renamed to Maximize Summary.  Only 1 of these can be active at any given time.

NEW FEATURE: Added ability for operator/user to adjust members’ votes at tally stage, if needed.

NEW FEATURE: Added option for customizing absent nomenclature – such as “Recused”, “Excused”, “Late”, etc.

NEW FEATURE: Users are now prompted when starting a meeting if an agenda is not loaded.  The name of the current agenda is now shown on the Meeting Manager screen.

NEW FEATURE: Added option to limit voting time on individual agenda items.

CHANGE: We now prompt the user if an agenda hasn’t been saved when they leave the Agenda tab.

CHANGE: The countdown (vote) timer is now displayed on the Meeting Manager screen where the Public Timer countdown is reflected.

CHANGE: The Item Name is now automatically re-sized (reduced in size, if necessary) on the Public Display.

 Eliminated ability for members to motion to amend if option set to “Motion by Clerk, Seconds by Members” (keypad users only).

FIX: Trapped error condition caused by trying to read/load an agenda item that didn’t exist, which caused the program to shut down.

VERSION 4-1-7-119

Friday, May 17, 2019

 Added option allowing users to choose whether to revote on an agenda item (overwriting previous results) or to duplicate the item.

NEW FEATURE: Meeting results file now captures and time stamps members’ presence and absence after roll call.

NEW FEATURE: Added checkbox on Display tab to allow control over whether or not to show item summaries on the Public Display.

NEW FEATURE: Member App now “remembers” voting positions if members task-switch away from the app after voting but prior to votes being tallied.

CHANGE: Member App now locates Motion and Second buttons opposite one another (like RTS and Cancel RTS).

 Public Display item prefixes (“Discussion of…”, “Voting On…”, “Voting Results For…”) are removed, allowing for longer item names to display.

Added Font Size slider for controlling member name text size.

“You Are Here” border highlights where you currently are on an item’s stage (discussion, voting, tallying).

FIX: Results for each agenda item are now written out only after an item has been processed completely (a.k.a., voted on), rather than appending to the results file after each individual event (such as an item note entry).

VERSION 4-1-7-101

Monday, March 18, 2019

 Added options that allow for playing a user-customizable sound when the timer expires and for setting a point during the countdown where the timer background should turn red and, if desired, play a different user-customizable sound.

CHANGE: Update of license expiration date now happens every time the program is launched, if the Meeting Manager PC is connected to the Internet.

Program now prompts to Keep or Clear existing motions/seconds that are associated with an item being reconsidered in the same meeting.

 Speaker recognitions are now written into the meeting results file instead of being captured in a separate log file.

CHANGE: The Next RTS button now remains active after the last speaker is recognized, allowing the user to clear the last speaker using the same button.

CHANGE: The Tally Confirmation dialog box has color-coded buttons (“Tally” in red, “Cancel” in yellow) and is now centered on the Meeting Manager display.

CHANGE: Consent Items dialog is longer, displaying up to 10 items before scrolling.

FIX: Agenda item importing from Excel-produced export file now functions as intended.

FIX: Custom value for “Number of Yes Votes Needed” no longer allows entry of 0 or a negative number.

FIX: Pressing the Confirm button on a keypad during voting (a button not used any more) no longer erases the member’s vote.

FIX: Release Notes link on opening dialog box now functions as intended.

FIX: Non-Voters (RTS-only participants) are not involved in roll call and cannot affect the quorum count.

VERSION 4-1-6-92

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

NEW FEATURE: Added a 3rd motion/second option restricting the recording of motions to the clerk on-screen but allowing members to second on their devices.

FIX: Abstains made by keypad users are no longer accepted if Allow Abstains = No.  The Abstain voting button is not shown on voters’ devices, and tHe ABSTAINS: tally label is also removed from the public display.

FIX: If you switch from an item displaying the public timer to one that doesn’t use it, the timer disappears from the public display.

FIX: If RollCall Pro is connected to RTS Pro, the RollCall Pro public display no longer shows request to speak indicators during vote/tally sequences.  They appear only on the chair’s RTS Pro display.

FIX: The RTS button is no longer displayed on the Chair’s device.

FIX: On Voice Vote items, the clerk’s movement of the system into voting mode now clears the speaker queue and removes speaker recognition(s) from the public display.

VERSION 4-1-5-83

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

 New button now inserts new agenda items ahead of the current item, no longer adding them at the end.

NEW FEATURE: Added Diagnostics.Dat file within Results folder to capture performance statistics.

CHANGE: Added Release Notes link to Help/About dialog.

FIX: We now automatically remove non-standard ASCII characters from text files upon import into an agenda.

CHANGE: Logo LOAD function now displays JPG as well as PNG images to select from.

CHANGE: Copyright message is written on 1 line (not 2) on JPG results screens.

VERSION 4-1-5-79

Monday, November 26, 2018

NEW FEATURE: Added public speaker timer support for all agenda item types.

VERSION 4-1-5-77Friday, November 16, 2018

NEW FEATURE: In Member App, added color-coding to RTS messages so that they display in the same color as on Public Display – yellow if in the queue, red if have the floor.  RTS messages also flash (blink) like on the Public Display if you’re first in the queue or if you have the floor.Meeting Manger.  Increased font size for all messaging elements (item names, motions/seconds, RTS info).

FIX: Eliminated possibility that a member could make a motion or second and then leave prior to voting, in effect, “stranding” the motion or second.  User can now withdraw these motions or seconds, if needed.

FIX: Removed public speaker timer from initial Roll Call screen.

VERSION 4-1-5-75

Thursday, November 08, 2018

NEW FEATURE: Added option to allow for user adjustable member name font sizes on the public display.

FIX: Eliminated differences between entering voting mode via the VOTE button vs. the NEXT button.

VERSION 4-1-5-71

Sunday, October 28, 2018

 Added New RTS button to allow easy recognition of speakers in RTS order.

NEW FEATURE: Added options allowing user to choose whether or not to display agenda item summaries and the group’s logo within the app.

NEW FEATURE: Added option for controlling whether or not the chairperson can make motions/seconds.

NEW FEATURE: Added meeting results viewer dialog box, allowing user to choose which meeting’s results file to display.

VERSION 4-1-4-66

Thursday, October 25, 2018

NEW FEATURE: Added option to display public speaker timer on selected discussion-only items.

VERSION 4-1-4-62

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

NEW FEATURE: Added public speaker timer on Public Display.

NEW FEATURE: Added customizable watermark feature on Public Display.

NEW FEATURE: Added New Agenda Item button on Meeting Manager.

NEW FEATURE: Added option to display agenda item summaries automatically in full screen mode.

NEW FEATURE: Added Consent Agenda editing dialog box, allowing for confirmation of removal of items.

 Added auto-maximization of name grid on Public Display, removing unused whitespace.
NEW FEATURE: Added Release Notes link on opening dialog box.

VERSION 4-1-3-44

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

INFO: Added warning dialog if Results Directory specified in the configuration does not exist.

VERSION 4-1-3-34

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

FIX: Improved agenda import function regarding text files.

FIX: Eliminated possibility that a keypad belonging to an absent member can be used to enter a motion or second.

FIX: Eliminated possibility that a member using a keypad can register a motion or second when motions and seconds are only to be registered by the clerk.

VERSION 4-1-3-30

Thursday, August 09, 2018

NEW FEATURE: When connected to RTS Pro, if there are outstanding requests to speak and/or active microphones when the clerk puts the system into voting mode, the user is prompted about clearing them before allowing voting to proceed.  If the user confirms, these indicators are cleared on the Meeting Manager screen as well as on the chair’s Discussion Manager screen.

VERSION 4-1-2-25

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

FIX: Eliminated possibility for user to be able to click on RTS icons on the Public Display.

FIX: Corrected text results file to distinguish the outcome of Voice Votes vs. No Vote Required agenda items.

VERSION 4-1-2-23

Monday, July 23, 2018

NEW FEATURE: Opening dialog now defaults to “Open A Previously Saved Settings File”.

INFO: Added registered e-mail address to About dialog box.

FIX: Eliminated motion/second function on apps for No Vote Required agenda items.

VERSION 4-1-2-20

Friday, July 13, 2018

NEW FEATURE: Added “heartbeat” function to indicate to the user if RollCall Pro is connected to RTS Pro (green dot with “Connected to RTS” message at bottom of screen).  Produces “not connected” dialog to alert user if connection is dropped mid-session.

VERSION 4-1-0-11

Friday, June 01, 2018

NEW FEATURE: Added support for Swagit video encoder calls to enable their hands-free broadcasting service that streams legislative meetings.

VERSION 4-1-0-9

Thursday, May 10, 2018

INFO: Added confirm dialog box if user reduces the number of members in the roster below the number already displayed (and perhaps edited) on the screen.

VERSION 4-1-0-10

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

NEW FEATURE: Added option for tie breaking voter to abstain (or not).

 Added voting criteria for each agenda item on the agenda preview pane.

FIX: Removed the Confirm button step for keypad users.

VERSION 4-0-0-41

Monday, March 19, 2018

NEW FEATURE: Added support for motions to amend and “remembering” of original motions and seconds after an amendment is processed.

 Eliminated members’ present/absent status changes on the Public Display between tallying a vote and getting a new item ready.  These changes were caused by members’ task-switching from RollCall Pro to their agenda reader app.  Once a member has established presence, their present/absent status isn’t affected unless the clerks marks them absent or they log out of the Member App.

VERSION 4-0-0-31

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

NEW FEATURE: Added request to speak (RTS) features.